The Photonic Studio Difference

With all the handmade lighting on the market today, why choose Photonic Studio? 

Thoughtful Design -  Successful lighting design is a product of careful consideration - both of the intended environment and function, and of the overall harmony and proportion of the finished piece. It's not enough to just slap together parts in previously unseen combinations, or to sell a design that may be unique but is not particularly attractive. Photonic Studio lighting is the culmination of a long and thoughtful design process with only the best pieces making it to production. The ultimate goal is lighting that will take on a life of its own and stand the test of time. 

Precise Fit -  Each and every part of a Photonic Studio fixture is precisely aligned and fitted so that the finished product is straight and true. A labor intensive process to be sure, but viewed in-person it pays off in a big way! 

Careful Finish - Brass is beautiful material, but also extremely soft so it scratches, dents and stains easily. Finishing brass is a delicate process which many lower-priced makers skip altogether. Raw, unprocessed brass can look good in pictures, but that doesn't translate in real life where the effect is more a hodgepodge of rough parts than a finished piece. 

Photonic Studio lighting does not fall into that category. Each individual component of our fixtures is closely inspected. Substandard material is rejected, and parts that make the grade are carefully shaped, cleaned and finished to a high standard. The result is a light that looks every bit as beautiful in-person as it does in pictures. 

Unique Materials - Starting in 2016 the Photonic Studio line began to incorporate materials rare in the world of lighting, including the first full line of sconces with marble wall plates. Additional materials include walnut, veg-tanned leather, colored accents, powder coating, brass, blackened brass, polished nickel, brushed steel and antiqued steel. Feel free to enquire about custom combinations to fit your space!